Nothing for it, but to dance

Distantly and hand in hand

In glad ragged spaceman Shuttle suit at the Asking, perhaps, both-bAtHiNg and basking brilliantly amidst this

Deceptive sense of Decently receptive resilience

Yes. “They’ve been kissing and liaising and pissing about this purCHASED planet of Ours for a whole while now- – /

Miles away, yet bravely saying… “Go fk yourselves, please”

Tiring their otherworldly eyes right out, and thinking ten times today TOO-FAST-AND-UTTERLY-UNGUARDED for us peripheral soldiers

Of sworn in IDENTITY: with our handshakes at the tender ready.. albeit necessarily shaking of their own volatile accord – not a word, but for the swords beneath our EACH AND EVERY bristling breath!

Made to speak unEASILY, We feel besieged

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