Something stirs and, then, forever fail to hold your meandering tongue, oh chosen one –
whimsical carries with him an adventurous way with ludicrous words
Whip-smart carries with him these fair degrees of sweet, sweet, contagion

Faster than a bullet only twice as nice
Mighty flighty – equally hostile when mild manner, mild nature falls comfortably away
The settled eye-soar, wondrously uproarious
A humour-filled pariah who takes to the stage and chooses to set the whole wide world terrifically alight by way of frightful forethought

At the centre of everyone’s hidden universe yet again – this is The Spectacular Now
An abuse to only ever himself – ridiculing the level of imperfect perfection which fails to gesticulate with other people midst alarming speed of disarmed articulation

Thinks soon as he speaks – a blabber-mouth of orchestrated confusion who means less harm than we seem to be able to let ourselves see
Out of control and dangerously smouldering
Is this what they might mean when they say ‘a world of comfortable chaos’?

A sweet, sweet disorder of decidedly misshapen sorts – all of and on his lonesome and loudly portrayed, proudly perturbed, own