She came in like a wrecking ball
Soon as y’all had no clue what to do exactly with your precious time
Running on absolute empty, your minds away on a most disastrous whim
Then she took an angel and demons pillow, sat on in
Waxed fair lyrical ’til hitting all of the right notes
Float like a butterfly, this placated sting akin to a rather feathersome bee
My, oh my, the intrepid nature of it all
Oh so wondrously managing to disguise the pain
Blaming no-one but these seriously downtrodden genes
A smile which set the whole avenue alight
Every single cumbersome time
She stole my eyes and created a multi-coloured fiasco second-to-none
Strung on up oh so heavenly
Turn the spit infused page and see
When your thumb gets to become an avidly roaming gun of sorts
We really ought to reload these artistic bullets of hope once more
Seems the rope fell by our waysides a long while ago

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