Her lonely only fiend of a friend / the stage has set itself up by the break of the line

Blue blurred wine in the evening time

Concentrate, over-complicate, enunciate and finally make malfunctioning sense, please…
Push your subtle body suggestively against the silhouette whisper midst the shape of my kindly over-embellished eyes

He’s been witnessing and watching the salacious sway – the undulating way – of her able hips – this tongue-tangled masterpiece of hers shall murmur and undeniably feast upon his natural-born imagination

It is simply sellout sensational what she has managed to challenge herself and to unequivocally do – few who truly knew the magnificent error of her  foretold animosity

Nasty, nasty creatures with fixation near the bargaining bridge at the meet of their paramilitary eyes

Why, oh why, must Ely fall all of the way back deeper inside the kaleidoscopic entitlement of a life less ordinary again …

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