It’s like his bliss had been taken and good ungodly TwIstEd and FISTED and FUCKERpuNcHeD in the face… a constant and deceptively intrusive mind-boggle which shall instantaneously ASK FOR his meandering and distracted MiNd back

To that place of disheveled whereABOUTS and ALL OTHER INTELLIGENTLY dilapidated elements

Of… a life lost to this EXTRAordinarily none too ordinary SeNse of sickening Overexposure

Just that the numbers do not actuALLy quite add up, but HOW THE FUCKONearth can ANYONE… anyWhErE… … anyHOW(?!?) even begin…

To begin to BEGIN- –

To survive something so very mentally HidDen that he didn’t EVEN BeliEve himself…

S the right SeNsE of mEdIcAtIoN correctly qualified – “Oh my,” whispered his (forever) family of phenomenal talent and resilience. As they wait for his uninterrupted bliss.. to PROFESSIONALLY proceed

For so long aMISS: of its own unequivocal InDiViDuAlItY and now.. SET TO SEED

And about to GREET the whole wide world with eyes wide OPENED!!!!!

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