We never, ever spoke
A toke
A dance
Her subtle hand – manicured and right there inside of mine
If only for awhile, albeit forever in the mind
What’s utterly sumptuous aside what turned out to be wildly preposterous
Full-on lust of a most unmatched kind
They do say that we really ought to have known better
Yet, as it stands, you just cannot quite strangle this particular kind of roaring fire
Never, ever
Surely something that all of the world need see
Both she and I – we will soon begin to prepare ourselves oh so perfectly
Prise the whole damn procedure right on in one delicately formed line at a single-most time
As I say, subtle atop a crazy altogether kind of lust
A surefire must!
Nonetheless, ferociously equipped to place our faces forward
Bust everyone’s particular border of doubt

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