There was a sudden turn in this particular tWisTinG-of-Days and she seemed to like to have been — especially given the keys to the whole entire entitlement of chastised castle(.) Carelessly they’ve been figuring-a-million-things-out-for-themselves (enviously)-/ whilst their minds amount; to a sweet little innumerable MurMurInG, actually, of mutated multiplication OF… aforeSAID

matter. “They were crime fighting.. criminals, actually, who didn’t e-v-e-n appear to underSTAND THEIR OWN shape of fate.”

And neither did we; need to anticipate the anticipation of, AGAIN, anticipating… anything. “Because our particular Brains have been sIMPLY summoned to the plACE

—where no one need kNOw(..) precisely what it DID: previously take US TO simplyLiftOurselvesAway: from ANOTHER UPSIDEDown rumination// a demonstration — from here-on-in

In walking TALLER than anyone can.. start to make themselves imagine