With his highly-concentrated foot placed wholly down upon the gas, the outright aerodynamic blast would need to be utmost sumptuous at the very least, neglect to plunder, not to mention manage to immaculately prise itself magically from somewhere or another
Smothering himself altogether by the all-encompassing surrounding nature, ’til still his monk-like attitude – both suited and booted and learned for now – that could not go too far wrong
About to turn all kinds of mind-blowing, ever-knowing – the Formula 1 ace who always found a surefire way to saturate the distastefully dangerous and  undoubtedly about to be ricocheting place ten times over
Monaco in this both intricately winding and rather romantic instance as such – coping right by the ocean
Commotion second-to-none, an altogether crazy inner lust going on all over
His slender and rather telling shoulders never, ever started to shudder so very much in the entire quiet of his momentary life, waiting prestigiously on glorious green
Reaching like never seen to serendipitously, shockingly so replicate his heroes of old
The very ones coated in waxwork gold, Namely Senna, Schumacher and silent sensation Damon Hill – arch-nemesis’ extreme
Flicking on his internal mic., he attempts once again to find his fastidious right hand men, the very same ones devotedly hunched on over, decidedly aside the other to set this multi-million dollar team all too masterfully apart
Terrifically professional, yet either way this would have to endlessly settle and be his particular shell of fair affable sorts for the next two incredibly mouthwatering hours
The power was perhaps a little or a lot otherworldly, whilst gripping this trembling leather-bound wheel – emblazoned in green, white and red – his Italian stallion charming and shark-like stare looked to steal each of his hellbent foreign competitors’ everything

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