A break in the loincloth line and she’s attempting something whole brand new again. Causes these utensils to stop their very own pierced hearts times ten too many. Speak the paint-spattered words which savour her lopsided flavour – dolloped dashed ferocious foreplay, please – make the spattered matter the most atop of the eagle-eyed page, wages…
Their very own multi-emotive war upon transcendental words of their underqualified own – they were never nearly enough so soon as when he entered her favourite best scene and swiped his pure Bic biro off of the
Gentle insides
Of her most violated violently thoughts
Touched her scheming screen – we really ought to do them this one precious and pristine favour, don’tcha simply think it, though?
Motherf…… Savour them since the deteriorated beginning… when they were nothing else but for
Hungry nutshells carrying Paint and Sophomore Pen = been argumentatively asking to make Sense of Themselves
And no-one else but for
Everybody who mattered the most = with a sun-kissed toast a-sweetly-brewing preciously in-between
Their wine-tantalised pristine and inescapable fingertips

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