Up in the ungodly a.m.
Stretching the imagination, battling its unwavering failure to thin
So far, thank the Lord above
Press that Youtube button and there lies my next influence; “Whiskey in a Jar”
Push comes to shove, I think that this is something which will always need to be done
No gun ever pressed against my head – seems I cannot but choose this over the absolute opposite
Smacked head-down upon that all too enticing pillow – World War Z
However, ironically enough here is a fella who does quite oft dream of this flow never ceasing in its tenacious existence
Here it is, breathing rather harshly on out of me – a ghost in the night, an attempted toast to all the real poets
Is the rhyme
That may indeed be the very thing which holds my particular ladder together
Really the only way to go
Or am I sowing a most dangerous seed, feeding it all the wrong kinds of nourishment!?
Either way, I will shake my head, rid myself the overall exhaustion coursing on through
I just knew that the coffee – instant, forever and one such night – would lend me its ear
Steer this young pretender in what we can only hope to be the correct direction -continual
Fill me in, perhaps I am in fact growing thin
Only you can ever tell