Stifled by kindness. These people seem to wish to want to talk about nothing else but for…
everybody ELSE. These homespun, utterly lopsided people of supremely talented intelligence. Any why?! But, because, their secrets need to be ONLY EVER(!) theirs and no-one else’s sense

Of (MIS)understanding – it is a grabbed arm, a kiss through the whistled air of picket-white fence teeth

These… sitting spectacularly pretty people who’ve uttered enough words by now
For their meandering of mouths to tighten themselves Up Yet Again

They appear, right about now… immediately calm and completely sensitive because… they chose NOT to divulge anything of any real worth

To another person’s stinging earpiece

To their own goes e-a-c-h, of course! However, what we have NOT got here is a fully-formed individual of aforementioned homespun entitlement

And that is, actually alright