He simply said it as it is, lucrative… if only just

No less a quickfire, altogether tumultuous Must

In this manic world where forever strangers transform themselves to warlord wordsmith soldiers in all of a sudden instance – seemingly so, seems to be seems to me some people are too slow for the shooooow

We have to ask – When Is Your New York Minute ever going to tend to take to flame for iself

This needs to be me, tantalised to disguise, albeit willfully sin to the strenuous core of my heartfelt being to bring it right back together

Again… go again and again, my unbeknownst to yourself abstract friend

Win or wayside, there has indeed been a sense of spectacular – we know you know so much

At breakneck speed if you please, for these none too shy syllables of storyboard brain yours don’t nestle themselves immediately by many else for that concentrated matter whatsoever

So, yes, treasure the life on from it, grit your needy, seedless teeth, open up to swallow the envious delve

Of which you do stitch your stop-start aforementioned heart to a million more marvelled at dreams

The ease is meant to suckle this peculiarly driven pen at will – black and blue, royal red, no-one knows

Heck, safe to say no-one dare to threaten themselves to care

You’ll be out of touch, you’ll broach the insatiable surface never enough, so suddenly soon you catch the moon and watch whilst a thousand equally qualified minds stomp their feet to the motion of your travailed being – we’ve seen more than the requisite to realise just such a thing

– you need to teach yourself to love to read either way, they pay, you play

Yet, we have to lean against and whisper aloud to wishfully ask – have these fulfilling compliments stripped from our otherwise cellotaped lips been anything other than something to square said mind whilst fully gaining your own perfected perspective

– you do carry your own task like a bloodied arrow through the crookified back –

To finally quit this game which play-pretend you were pulled into opposed to any known will

Still here, huh

Trust us, this will go where you want it to go