When busyness became a most beautiful thing, when faraway peripheral persons chose to nAttER, Squabble, and Sing.. “as hard and as AngeredAndAgitated as their Utopia~finding minds shall allow. For it seems..”

Rather fairly well underSTOOD: that these SittingTallPeople ar3-)) trying to UPset it all whilst single-handedlySAVINGTHEM$elv€$ — from someone and something else(!!)

If theirs was a flyintheointment mind, then wHy(?!) the **** weren’t We
.. … justified to speak without even sHuDdErInG tO ThInK..
“Of anyone else but for ourSELVES.” Possibly because.. this particular cauldron was meant to be sTiRrEd as hard and as hatefully as humanly. As they continue to course themselves together and TAKE

1AlmightyStabAtLife. From a fictional viewpoint, fuck that aWrY~ointment(!!) and all of its crawlings of insipidity.