It’s not that they did not understand it but that amidst the TwIsTeD interplay of a sterilised strife time, we curiously combine(d) to cause

Instant and delirious filled anticipation(.) “we were young ‘uns SO-soon… as they tried to be seriously enigmatic again.” When it… multiplied its own sense of STRAPPING~strength and we all

Arrive at an AlTeRED state of delicate AND dedicated disrepair. “Staring into the battling BaRreL of a Dostoyevskian~GUN cannot feel too good, REALLY, except to say:

Wait, w-a-i-t… WAIT(!!)” What we need to do and WHERE WE need(n’t) be:: is To Clash and CliMb UP the WrOnG tReE entirely. To make those damn BLASTED mountains become… mental AND physical molehills again – that straightEYED sense of neverENDING, SELF-dependent

Determination. BEYOND THE POINT OF forever earned. And endlessly nurtured