With early am reveille they swathed their lukewarm bodies with hidden audacity and levels of pent up and heartfelt regret – to dress pompous and improper was to softly both suddenly suggest and roughly readdress just such a tremendous sense of segregated yet serenely inopportune delinquency

We will shudder to think of anything else but for…

An upside down and momentously unforgettable instance lucidly
created from downright alarmed and severely solicitous circumstance

Several of them
Now: these men

And hers was a body broken, bruised and tussled tantamount toward – an undeniable scene of unofficially unfolding proprietorship

Indeed, We of the mad and languishing men who shall ghastly-both-ghostly retire into the naughtiness both nattiness of the nocturnal nighttime – only to warmly reform and wrongly warrant ourselves with one

Each of these such sacrilege women.. and with our even dirtier undergarments hanging behemoth and bleakly overhead…

The darkly and deathly under-enthused and mere-eager faces of underage delinquency- sent to riotously repent by way of crucifying and sexually insistent rudeness

Promiscuous is her existence

Abruptly intruded! If she will be so good as to admit it to herself, to admit himself in

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