I dare you
Dare you to stop thinking
For the day
Thinking about what
Absolutely everything
If you’re the genius
You think you are
Then you shouldn’t have any trouble
I don’t think that
Yes you do
It’s like you said
Right now is the hardest part
It’ll get even harder
If you don’t stop going back
And forth
Back and forth
I mean you’ve done some good stuff
You’ve written poems for people
They’ve really liked the stuff
There’s eighty-five of them
Right there in that red folder
Let it go for a while
Meet a few friends
Up in Dublin
Your brother
The lot
And when you’re drinking beers
Treat it like the monster it is
Perched for want of a better word
On you shoulder
Play a few games with him
Do the opposite
To what he tells you
To do
You make me sound like
I’m schizophrenic
Christ, you’re not too far off
When you’re at your worst
In fairness
And you’re right
In fact
I know you are
Christ what I wouldn’t give to
Crack open one beer too many
With my friends
My brother
Celebrate a thing or two
But what’s there to celebrate
Well, for one thing
The simple fact you’re
Not tied to your bed
My friend
And another thing
You’ve been taking him on
Like a mother f**ker
That’s worth celebrating
For sure
I know all you want to do
Is get to a place
Where you’re thinking for one
And not two
And you can do it
You have to do it
For other peoples sake
As well as your own
I remember when you made me laugh
All day long
At the racecourse
In Leopardstown
Bloody hell
It’s one of my most cherished
I want to be able to do that
All the time
And you will
If you do what I say
And stop thinking two many
Steps ahead
Let the day soak itself away
And Brian…
Please do me one huge favour
And stay away from that bed