Latte-loving, layabout imbeciles who wrap their faith right roundabout other people’s prognosed paralysis – this, that, and EVERY other malfunctioning need to maniacally breathe …by deplorable and altogether upsetting way of this self-effacing profanity, indeed; and it appears to me to purportedly be that they’d far rather not to have been here and eager-faced any more…
Nor do the opposing and perfectly perfunctory parts of each and every other “superb” person of said misinterpreted credentials wish one mother-fuckin* bit… … … …To hear themselves scheme and scream …poisonously painting their clockwork sins midst the silhouette shapeOf a kissed golden Sun mantelpiece
Shriller, still –
When We’d far rather to have been beneficially ripped from shore and brought back to beautifully belonging … …To an endless locoemotive ocean of shatter-crashing, imperialistic penance again
Break their pens and watch them speak within warbling and ink-less tongues… Again?!! Re-pent up energy which shall call its own ghost guaranteelessly inexpressively… free!

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