It’s a twist in the tale of tantamount hecticity / even if these people appear to breathe at a pace of blessedly expressive endeavour – to devour their taste in play is to stay the definitive distance

All angle of avenue dutifully antagonised and her sense of self worth is a justly justification
Of her born necessity to see something — peculiar in everyone(?!) Pecking-order, perhaps (NOT!)

They’ve stapled their flags to her DAFTly Dostoyevskian element of electrified behaving’s – her lifelong AND momentary necessity to feel

As though she owned the whole wide world and put UPON
– a precariously dancing AND TANTALISED strength of string Indeed

We’ve been to wide eye witnessing it time again / her impenetrable sense of NEEDING
To survive this cReAtiVe lIfE – WiLdLy ChaOtiC PeoPle nEeD N-O-T apply, please.