With a book between his hands and the girl of his dreams nestled safely beneath/within, he took his sweet, sweet untainted upon time and let the so-called rhythm-of-life take forever care of itself. For itself – trusted and softly treasured. Safe to say, he was simply right here, right about now, this unprovoked moment amounting to mean peacefully pressed everything. The calming-effect look in her soothingly settled eyes says it all, really. They’ve tasted the whole of the wide-world and it feels … pretty damn perfect for now. And even though it all went wrong, he’ll lie right here before the Lord of Song with nothing on his tongue but Hallelujah. While she sees the innermost, finally realised parts of him accentuate themselves to imperfectly gild and glide – like charming wildfire carried comfortably by these honest-to-goodness spark-infused eyes. She will reconvene herself all over again, to dance him to her beauty all over say when, while he finds himself to smile a million-miles farther and wider than any one man has ever managed to truly achieve before. Seems he’s silently home.

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