Way we see it we didn’t see anything at all… these pilfering, pedantic-faced people appear to have steered / crazily / their very own boat/ship, whichever, really.

Applicably speaking we tweaked something inner within — and it seems to be

All about bringing it back, to artistic fantasticalFABRICATION, indeed; “if they were not doing the correct thing then why not

Bother themselves in the 2nd placeIMPROPERLY to begin with(?!)” It’s a bombastic State of interruptible Affairs, and the flare thru-outTHEM that they hold, AND inescapably held, for themselves was

“A Gorgeously OverEngrossed Entitlement, indeed. ACTUALLY.. what we did is we — calculatedly — added our best bedding~in of friends to the Mix aLmightY(!)”

Slightly AsKew; “PHEEEEEW!!!” Knew – .