You’ve definitely managed to create perhaps even precisely what you wanted to be creating at this moment in time. That’s it. That’s what the hard scribbles did, and to want to go again? It’s impossible not to, actually, when the passion outweighs pretty much anything else. You do go again, of course you do! You make new and more intriguing inroads when it comes to your style of scribbles. Still just a hobby for me. Nothing else, no real need for that mindset to change, ever even – and it will always be there, simmering and bubbling away inside of my mind. An absolute and utterly treasured pleasure is what it is, to get to have this in me. A feeling of total and utter control.. over your feelings amidst storylines and rhythm of thought, I suppose you could say. When your mind certainly needs the balance brought back together somewhat, perhaps the best way is in fact to create it all by yourself and via arguably the strongest, most resilient part of your brain. Exact same part of your brain that should never have been abruptly interrupted in the first place improper. But for that to have happened at the age of eleven? 😮🥊🤷‍♂️ 😃 🙌 to @phil_mclaughlin_ with the ridiculous image 😆 😜