In between these crusty ol’ sheets, our feet seriously intertwined
Glasses of Pinot Grigio waiting it out upon your age-old stereo
Vinyl might’ve been nice
Let these ringlets take monumental stain all of their own
According to your crazy beautiful face the taste was never, ever far better than this
We can, and will be completely remiss, in this the jaded a.m. to outshine every other goddamn a.m known to any man
Don’t you dare tell me when you need to go
I will smirk before getting to smile – toe-to-rather gregarious toe
Eyes wide shut, never so sumptuous in all of my unbridled young life
This body though, nearly enough to oh so simply watch and listen to you breathe
You teed it on up soon as you threw on that rosy-red flower dress, took it entirely upon yourself to haphazardly approach, so very much as nearly fell on in into me
Seemingly, you will get to wear my favourite t-shirt
All over a bipolar cold-shoulder
Later on I will start to think ten million miles an hour again… just watch me wink

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