It’s a silent kind of sun filled scintillation and they seem… utterly understood by ALL these extracurricular people: “it’s… impossible to answer the utterly ANSWERABLE, actually. And we

Want to make it astutely CLEAR now – from EAR to true-to-form pinpricked EAR – that we will NOT embark endlessly UPon
This thing anymore.” What we did, Though, is something 2nd to everyone else’s sense of ScintilLATEd self~esteem, actually, and we shall

——>>> all of us: Let these enticement of words, ahem… dAnCe. •Not Dostoyevskian but rather in a most Fantastically addictive and substantial ManNeR• When it’s impossible to think of anything else but for — each bit (little As It all Is..) – our inner interpretation(s).

“When Mentally acting utterly A-OKay takes a sufferer of UN(said) sad-faced imbalance… .. all sorts of time to
Deal themselves IN(..) yet again.”

To take another leaf from yet another RADICALISED~book shouldn’t be such a scary-thing-to-do, though… … … •SHOULD IT(?!?)•