And then it all just seemed to occur
Lavish, incredibly enviable and outright fantastic – when this brand new outlook starts to make all kinds of crazy sense
Drenched and rather stereotypically awash with multi-colour enthusiasm
Some mother’s do indeed have ’em, however these wanderlust minds do tend to watch themselves go – delicate yet oh so very detrimental, confused by these stifling memories of old
An emblem – stitched snd separately sewn – to set them tremendously apart
Eye-opening, or so the story does gather moss and unequivocally soar
Mid-high art
Have a heart, let them preach ’til relatively still a thousand-and-one such serenely set beats
No small feat whatsoever to softly treat those who do care so much
Just as well as they might have deserved first off
Now, Not A Single Word Of It
For they’ve been learning to work it out all along, stronger than anything they may have ever shown us before

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