A shallow breath of stressed and rather suggestively stinging air
This impenetrable girl has been crying, trembling, terribly trying…
To find a way out from under beneath this picket-fenced thumb of his

These white-lies will need to be unfurled and perfectly portrayed to all and sundry, inevitably realised for their whole hurting worth on agonised Earth

She sits upon her gathered and comfortably numb knees, attempting to unearth the birth-marked blaze of the sun again for only ever her momentarily hidden self

All eyes arisen to glaringly arrive and right by the painstaking reawakening of their endless resolve

And we finally find her to be perched, extraordinarily re-accustomed to everything magical and utterly heaven-sent
For the first time ever and it seems to be that she’s been living to linger-at-large on a wing and a whispered prayer

A way out of here – finally, inevitably, recklessly forever