There is one thing you forget – not everyone will understand your style. Not everyone will want to read it, however, at least from the get-go, I appreciate the fact that, in general, reading isn’t a wholly loved endeavour. Not by a large percentage of the world, and certainly not by me. Do you need to read more if you want to write? Yeah, perhaps, only my mind when it goes with word-use doesn’t work that particular way. I mean I can make it work that way, if needs be, I’m fairly sure, but to be perfectly honest, I’ve to date been an exceptionally lazy writer. I’m super invested only that I get bored very easily if the challenge doesn’t present itself and my mind will shut off and get on with something else entirely. Kick a ball at a wall, meet a friend. Go for a run. My particular type of necessary reading is probably the reading of people – people’s faces, their nuanced individual movements, even their invisible flaws that, while most might not see it or feel it, I will take it, use it and, what’s more, turn it into a hopefully unmatched with time poem-piece. Cohen was right, the cracks are exactly where the light gets in. Yeah, I’m definitely on an upward swerve with this style, that much I am sure enough about. What people don’t understand is that this for me is a lifelong thing. So, obviously I get nauseatingly bored and tired with generic statements such as, “your parents are so good to support you with your dreams.” Yes, they absolutely are, no two ways, but neither is it their business what I decide to do with my life. Then, of course, there is the actual real wrought iron reason that I actually came to write so fondly and emotionally, because my OCD had me on my knees for almost all of my adult life so far. And by that, I mean there were two month breaks now and then, wherein my mind just balanced itself out for maybe enough time to think I was out of the dark. Once and for all. That’s why I couldn’t hold a job down for years at a time – always tried… ALWAYS ALWAYS. OCD isn’t only both badly perceived and portrayed in the media today – it is so far off of the mark regards the attempted descriptions of it’s hard-hitting levels of mental anguish and agony that the whole disorder needs to be re-studied all over again. But my potential was phenomenally capped and only now am I making up the difference, slowly but surely.

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