Soon as your lip twists, sentimentally kisses itself with the side-end of my oh my styrofoam coffee cup – dispose of this, just with neither of mine, please

Steam arises right by the tabletop of dreams and seems we’ve arrived for our early a.m. showdown – shy little cornerstone coffee shops where dialogue meets at the middle to make serious sense of it all

Eyes opened and I’m rolling the room over up inside of my mind, about to invite these pretty spiller lips back to play some time soon perhaps

Your reawakened awareness peaks this boy’s curious interests – and so suddenly soon my finger nails invite my teeth to play again

Nervously neurotic, yet we will instil this daily pill of pleasure onto We

These interesting games of our days have been christening me far-fetched afresh with each and every other, only the water is boiling this time… the hair on my head a little strewn wilder

And these strolling wanderlust wannabes know nothing of everything sentimentally elongated between our comfortable stares

With their fingers packed and paunched like hidden sardine cans within their mischief-making rolled-up pants which match their cheeks for red-envy

No less vilified guided and guised right by their murmured remarks – seems they lost the spark way back a yonder

And our rush pauses to placate itself at full-stop – put-to-cause and I just cannot get enough of your heavenly touch no-more

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