Subtle but so goddamn good
They step on up to the plate time again
Fate can sometimes be found to hide beneath a rock
Take it
Turn that stone the right way round and shock ’em all

Preparing themselves to play this particular game oh so carefully
Choosing every single word they opt on airing with a monstrously, ungodly degree of concentration

Elation will forever entice a billion-and-one living, breathing sensations
Three men searching, longing, for that unearthed laughter
The star of Bethlehem to shine bright like a diamond

A hundred winding dusty pathways
No disguising the painstaking ability to set a standard so sumptuously high
Perfectly knife-edged surroundings, a ledge that lends itself to bounce-back boundaries
Ten at a time

Only then do they ever get to return on home
Spurn everything preciously, remarkably, damn near seamlessly
Story-boarded, a backbone all owing to a typically questionable line of religious intent
People with their life out on rent
This poem isn’t exactly meant for them
Open to sweet, sweet interpretation