With these painting utensils they WILL dedicate and decipher UNIQUELY between: being good and being.. undeniably GREAT// that higher-level feeling

At being seen-to-be: Beautifully MedIoCrE actually; to sit and stand and have a literal AND PAINT-SPLATTERED hand —

In all of these loco-eMoTiOnAl colours of theirs IS to have: cried their TIRED eyes wider-than-wideSHUT(!!) (AGAIN..)

– “And to have ultimately been wonderFULLY befriended by it ALL, actuALLy(!)” By the Grace of.. no such gOoD-G*d they’ve done it all WITh their hands and eyes AND MeaNdeRiNg-oF-MiNd$ detrimentally tied, entangled AND disENFRANCHISED at boiling-point behind—-

their c-r-a-c-k-e-d backs; it’s all-of-it been a surefire, quickTHINKING ruse, actually, and he seems to wish TO WANT TO K-N-O-W… …

If it ALL could miraculously manAGE to EVENTually m-a-k-e… delightfully straight-thinking SoRtS Of sEnSe (of ItSelF)

“And, YES(!!)” Her idyllic and sharp-as-a-tack sense of scene-STEALING behaviour had-to-have been s-e-t: at SERIOUSLY SUGGESTIVE anticipation

… as OUR painterly pathways SUDDENLY-both-simultaneoUSly collided and became//
This shapesHiFtiNg endeavour that ONLY EVER wished to devOUR ((AND treaSURE)) us Whole…

“We will ROLL-the-DiCe all a-whilst we fall cReaTiVelY AGAINst the ceaseless and everREADY CROSSfIRE” – all eyes acting equally outrageous AND mindfully DESIRABLE this tImE