Purity, honesty and downright legitimacy
The way of this world in my rather humble opinion, albeit utterly thinning
We do all need to come together, one sorry somebody at a time
Admit to our each and every misguided wrongdoing
Choosing oh so carefully what it oh so right
I’m turning sprightly for this subject simply because we all seem to be left embarrassingly remiss
Judging one somebody at a time
Rather than picking precious pockets of wondrous everybody, standing tall, falling into rapturous line
We don’t need to be seen to dine, to replicate lavish surroundings
Bad can be okay too, so long as we try to remain strong
Can’t take down what’s obviously right
Deeper than deep down
Crown it all, sit back and watch it stand erect all of its own accord
We sought this one out right from the beginning
No more necessity for a thinner existence
Take your chance, spin YOUR particular coin