They’ve silenced their very own sense of demonic beginnings and on utterly behavioural purPOSE / what we have witnessed for them is on another altogether rIoToUs realm of paralysing realisation..

of poisonous AND problematical ownership

Of one… TWO… MANY BRAINS(!) We are specially-both-specifically speaking here to the mEaNdEr and MANIACAL nature of

A stay-at-home ‘masterpiece of people’ – each to their home-spun own but SOME are kept CONsiderably under lock-and-key and disgustingly prone… …

To staying bothersome(and bothered by it all)and b-e-d-r-i-d-d-e-n in equal measurement(.)

We do salute you, we DO stand HAND-IN-HAND with your every waking minute from here-on-in: we EVEN wish it to let you seize AND SEE…

that to let yourself bReAtHe IS to feel: Actually, not everything but just ALL of the things you’d have, perhaps, once upon a time d-r-e-a-m-e-d of being

Beautiful since the beginning, you were winning even when you appeared to yourself to have been uTtErLy fLaiLinG with your face penetrated against the sweat-ridden pillowcase- SCREAMING(!!!)

oh, but HOW YOU DID THIS WITH such Outrageously Gracious Conscientiousness! We can never know..

Here is a kiss. Please keep it close to your stop-start chest: beCAUSE you have impressed us immeasurABLY, and then some — welcome home(is everywhere now!)