They’ve already achieved utter acrimony, they’ve even been beleaguered amidst utter understanding – that fear it all ANYWAY feeling of ending up

Driven mAd to the PoinT of utter aforesaid UnDerStandIng(!) It’s one of the most unknown things for them to have done this particular thing, to have

“Literally sat and stood and acted achingly NOTa-OKAY actually, while the rest of us — make meandering sEnSe of everything eventuALLY.”

It’s… but for every-other-worry-inside-of-our-KIND-minds: “a kind and carefree little big ‘bAd’ WoRld of utter

Unapologetic misinterpretation.” And if she r-e-a-l-ly wanted to portray just how much she did care…

Then she’ll DEFINITELY n-e-e-d to home-in-now and get herself officially deTESTED.. “in some parts of this artistic and ambivalent world(.)”

A mimiCRY of MinD, indeed, and she tended to find-us-all a little BIGBit barking mad marvelloUSly subSTANDARD ACTually. And that’s ACTUALLY mother ******* perfect