Pillows and feet and here we tend to have ourselves the bed-arisen, -ridden, in-between – fret nothing but for the minutiae mind cloaked n’ dagger-swaggered inside all of this kaleidoscopically inescapable goodness

It fucking well breathes a borrowed bare-knuckle breath at the shake-neck speed of the deathly hour … painted paltry upside-wrong-way-down flowers

I am drowning by the bare-naked bleed and it
Feels so fucking fantastically, marvellously real
Imagination castration ultimate fictionally dictional asphyxiation – all of these things preciously played til placed high-weighted within

Free way, remote controlled alley way
I feel the mile-way coming

Abrupt interruption process, we are all of us but simply misled fished fishes in these oceanic seas …

When we are being pedantically misbehaved and the other better person crashes upon harsh times – wine n’ dine til your insides rhyme again for one next time

I never get to recall it at all, remember when it all made misshapenly mistaken sense of itself
Yet, I am fighting no less vilified to manage to make molehills into literary mountains again, seems Hemingway did the very same and it motherfucking pained him to breathe … therein lies that motherfucking seller-pen, terrifically estranged at bargaining against the plain pain mundane and at being a show-stealer all of and on its nocturnal own

Tethered to tear myself back to contrived life, I have a held vision and it tends to sneak from my truthfully barbaric insides

His pace is your disgrace
Poisonous in one honest-to-badness instance
To manage to rhyme while you cry might just appear to be his most magical moment in life

Hit the bottom of it all and bounce like a transatlantic bird … one word – motherfucking r-a-i-n-b-o-w-s
You didn’t see him when he was down upon his screaming knees, picking up round circular glass-plastic objects/obstacles so as to
Finally release the beast

By way of multi-emotive reckoning again … til rigorously imagining his way back to l-i-f-e
The lights, the cracks – get the fuck i-n

And mark his magnanimous words, that process will continue
him from the basement of his brain

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