Manipulate and abstract

A summer-sent breeze, a beautiful crescendo of nocturnal noise allows itself in again

No pain, no gain
A moment of chosen bewilderment
Good Art sedates to create – this meaningfully crafted meaning

Convincing herself of her absolute worth in the wide world

Eagle-eyed decisions, a stolen artist sits haphazard and alone
Sullen and wearily worn
Reporting to the collaborator inside – a chosen downfall, in a manner of meaning
Can she ever improve though – the horizons of the imagination are invigoratingly endless

An arrested and restless apartment fights with its real reasoning, while a human’s far-fetched feelings vie for elongated meaning – crawls these hidden ceilings – brings width with it

And an endless skill to jovially contain
Manage the sizeable moment and settle to suddenly soar, that’ll be the distraction alone – equally sullen and wearily worn but, above all else, about to arrive with tendered time
Lose all need for heinous ego, no pedantry nor penance necessary
Elevation, mental captivation – this starting – startling – point midst the bones of her being, where ever is the attraction

Glass girl with universe still sleeping, yet thirsty for more – abhor what is entirely unoriginal
Looks for the ultimate aside desirable and tireless steal, that freshened perspective
She simple gazes and chooses to be – a drop of delirium within an ocean of explosion

Raises the bar and all on her own

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