A pianist, the author, and one want-away artist gather to gain, incredulous levels of unofficial artistry midst dripping, written, keynote creation

One man’s occasional thought is a second man’s celebrated orchestration, whilst another roams the width of the room with the length of his professional reach

When studious fingers intricately convene with a pair of paired down singular weapons of mass demonstration. Again, against the other person’s body of battling bones and nowhere else but for…

Elated to simply be here – acoustically adhering to every single part of every next which way

And the scribe’s audiovisual windfall suddenly begins to take spectacular shape. Snakes inside of their starry-eyed minds. One at a time

And, then, like hanging a keynote creation inside of the absailing skyline, fighting for the climb back of the century, they shall get to brass-knuckle become gluttons for personalised proprietorship

Wrestles argumentatively amidst a sweet symphony of bittersweet punishment

Such is… its wrought-iron, captivating nature when stranger things fail to fail

Go hard or go home, dearly desensitized artists of ours – for you have clearly completed your task, and we cannot ask for any more of the very same it seems

To have taken your bodies of shape-shifting bones to a place of sweet reverie – wherein all of the greats get to manhandle the keys and let themselves in again

To a brand new horizon upon an earned and perfectly hurting earth

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