When we went over our own heads IMMEDIATELY and we tended for try-hard understandings ANYWAY.

she’s been lividly pandering to the sounds TAKING HER TO UnrUlY GROUND… “inside of her loudmouthed head.”

Been making just as much mischief as her former kid-like self must’ve SURELY DONE a thousand times before. We became likeminded people. Just one more magnificently magnified mEmorY, PlEasE, “and make it feel” —-> furiously sugarcoated in truly ExpLosiVe tendencies!!

We want to portray The Size of an aforesaid LOUDMOUTHED head again. (When) We DEFINITELY dread to think about the other altered MomEnTS of UnRealIstIc ENDeavour, whenEVER… “her ludicrously lopsided mind managed to make ZERO-SeNse of itself (again).”

When what she did will NEVER ever AGAIN get to be relegated… “to the bottom of the heap.” When she keeps on keeping on… no matter the level of malfunctioning and terrifically twisted bLisS(!!)

“She just… IS.”