They gave me ten agonising minutes to flee – chained to my very own leg, embedded in freeze-frame concrete
How. Would. I. Ever. Get. To. Do. This.
Two minutes, and I’m sweating every which way, mind stained by utter turmoil
Three minutes, and I’m reeling, feeling an eerie need to begin cutting
On into my very own leg – seems the saw would come in handy after all, one excruciating way or other
On the brink, thigh starts to quake uncontrollably
Jelly would be a most definite step on up
Six minutes, and the exterior of my face is trained on one goal and one goal only
SAW… The. Whole. Damn. Thing. In. Half.
The seconds are ticking like nothing ever before, yet the blade ain’t clicking on into my petrified bone – blood seriously gushing
About to pass out ’til I turn right the whole way round, manage to flick a snide knife from my pocket
Spin it as fast and as far as his pock-marked face
You taste that do you, ya bastard
Time gets to stand still all over again and so do I…

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