True beauty speaks soon as She is spoken too / ghastly at ebbing toward ghostly behaving’s

That science of segregated satisfaction… she {lies} naked with her enveloped eyes upon constant fire
A conscientious Girl of many dastard-handed deliberations – deliver it heavenly onto We, pl-ease
Girl of many malfunctioning mechanisms, outright maniacally aware attributions, and then something altogether tending to reaching and stretching beneficially, sordidly, ethereal toward
The otherworldly pronounced aside understandably protruding eye of the negligent sellout Enemy
Better when we’re together
And the elephant in the room begins to dance the cameras zoom into his mouth begins to move those hateful words She uses
I don’t care for Her paranoid
It’s Us against the wall and We are dancing to the crawl of the People on the floor
The soil of Our saviour
Where ever in the World though must We let Ourselves go in so far as it counts to letting Her finally know of…
Her true wide beauty
‘Til held evocatively captured and fair strenuously, albeit undeniably conscientiously over these beating, retreating tabernacle branches of Her religious Being
You cannot control it
These perpetrating sabre-tooth Dragons of trouble-bound, bloodhound yesteryear, who spoke of their explosive utterances a fair while ago, ringing near her listening ear-piece, which will continue to piano-play within her favourite, best-kept secretive heartstrings.
Mur-murrrr-ING yet, still, bleeding to pin it back and listen
Steer clear, oh utmost softly spoken One. Penny for Your troubling thoughts, and We really ought to wholly insist upon re-configuring
Her bare-naked eye-glare again
Safest to say it in a semi-automatic motion lent gloriously toward this screaming screen-scripture of Ours…
But for her very own Mother’s atrociously terrible aside detrimentally inferior taste, She really would not have surely known the least pieces of the hardest parts of putting back together again the utmost hurting Man in that aforementioned world of Ours –
His, Hers, absolutely, inconsolably Everybody’s bare-flustered nature – about to explode and to magnificently erode
I’m gonna have to {lie} with you right here, baby, but is this really how we were told to superficially b-l-e-e-d – correct me, pl-ease. And tell Me I’ve seen a Ghost