Be brave, be bold, be bolstered right by your own breakneck brilliance – make this make serendipitous sense again, oh please, my sweet spectacular Tabitha Rose

One and only one of you with your violin-like heartstrings playing on kaleidoscopic rewind to remind us all of a bygone era yet forever intertwined by sentimental memory aside preparatory persuasion

This rainbow is unremitting, so much as getting itself to singing

And all of these needlessly problematic people have been endlessly prepping themselves just as such to welcome in the gift of their young and adolescent lives – intrepid, soul-seeking, oft than not these pill-popping individuals which the whole damn lot of them wistfully appear to be

And we inspect, solemnly interject and delicately push ourselves to watch the other plagiarised person interpret the searing hot sun such as only they can and shall enthuse and affably allow themselves to do

Ponder yourselves plain downright silly for a pleasurable minute, perhaps… if you might like to realign your reconfigured mind a smiling while

And lend a shrinking delinquent whisper near her still cosmically scintillated ear, whereby the jewel diamanté design cries out and reminds itself to garner terrific degrees of undivided attention

Did we forget to mention her wandering lust for quenching this a most insatiable thirst, which constantly swarms to lucratively form fair sensually within the realist part of her blessed and suggestive heart

I love it when your ink-ribboned, scatter-spattered and task-at-hand tattoo takes me back to what I ask for

We choose what we choose – and we do resolutely choose to tie ourselves comfortably, uncontrollably right by these aforementioned bleeding heartstrings

And to think, she had a simple, sensible and oft than not settled and serenely sinking feeling… that this is exactly how it should have been