A hell like no other, an absent father, a high as a kite mother
Nothing other than pain running the core
Lying alongside my ‘early morning whore’ I can’t but ask, as much as plead for more
Then there comes an all too abrupt knock on the front door, the woman from Teilifis Eireann informing me that her company ain’t willing to deal with our kind no more
I close shut the door, crack open a bottle before falling back upon my bleary-eyed whore, a woman with nothing left to do with her day but wait it out for her money, ’til I give her a shout courtesy of the welfare
She’s snoring
Take me on out of this God awful pit!! Absolute hell, a spell in my life minus any such strife getting heaped upon me, guess I’ll just have to wait and see if things take a turn for the better or worse
Curse them warlord bastards, ‘the powers that be’