You paralysed my heart, You. Absolute. Beast.
In so much as a seriously romantic manner of speaking figures into account at least
Tweaks here ‘n’ absolutely everywhere, of course, before there finally came this rather overwhelming cascading of uttermost humongous tears
Not just out but inside too
So you know, chewed it all of the plight-filled way ’til nothin’ but shreds of lavish blood-stain lay rather haphazardly upon our all too perfectly metaphorical dinner-table
From pool of aforementioned thickened blood to so very far as where I goddamn eat on my supposed days away from this pain
Just. How. In. The. Name. Of. Christ. Do. You. Manage. To. Do. It. Every. Single. Time.
Fell on into you, perhaps, yet t’was your dire double-0 Seven charm that had me more oft than not storming
I’m fairly sure I’ll get to warm to your particular way again, just not today my crazy hot friend
Dependent entirely upon your willingness to warm to me all over
Time and time I find I to be in the bunker, whilst you get to stare on up at these stars – same place, different kinds, so it seems

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