New York at a time when everything just seemed to need to breathe again
Fair evenly
The mighty Rockefeller Centre running on nothin but rather empty ice
Seems sunlight can indeed proceed to do its best to deceive many a wanderlust eye
When the usually magnificent Chrysler Building managed to impress no-one as such
Our fair lady Freedom away on a whim, nothing but a distant statue for now, pushed so far on out of touch
Arms flailing, ego burst
The local cavalry always did say that they’d had something of a hunch
This manic four decade thirst about to dry the whole Hudson River right up
Number-crunching on Wall Street a dire thing of their rather reprobate, all too fastidious past
Middle-aged nine-to-forever suits entirely down on their luck
Finally… oh so damn excruciatingly
Get ready to tuck on into a severe lack of freedom, for we do sense that this concrete empire has seemingly somehow, anyhow transformed itself overnight on into nothing but fairground able
These tourist-driven cable cars appearing to no longer show anything to anyone
Nothing to no-one, all strung out
The low-and-lacklustre, as opposed to high-and-mighty, the only ones right now who seem to get to earn a balancing-act crust
Something of an upside-down must, perhaps?

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