The amused muse – sitting dripping within her pearl earring-ed existential instance – diamanté girl indeed and whistling near his nocturnally, nakedly pressed – stressed – breath, which has been twisting this hiding, hyphenated thumbnail midst dishevelled misbehaving forefinger and searching, searching… searching
Lower beneathe
For some sort of the same sort of anointed noise from gently within the nether region of her screaming detail
This gathering, growing, growling, moaning gain in feminine-aspect honesty and brutality, please, release her inner-wakening, -working demons
She sees a momentary transcendental necessity at persnickety play – shake it off and earn it again, baby!
Prey-pretend, rather – Daddy’s dearest horizontal daughter with shy time on her promising, promiscuously mis-represented side – shy-eyed and decidedly embarking upon this alternative event
Of his – never ever hers. Misplaced cigarette. Camden Street exchanges
Meant to matter the least in the ending – all magical, maniacal memories paralysed aside forever treasured and pandering to pending for themselves.
Desirable by the early-am. mistaken, misshapen ending. All old-age text messages staged. Raged and decidedly, death-ri-mentally waged.
W-a-r with upside-down wrought-iron words courtesy of courting her.
Yet she might just have missed the kiss of a lifetime
Might Have Themselves Say It s-i-l-e-n-t-l-y – SIZE-ABLY.

Motherfucking vehemently at being r-e-a-l and rather resolute

Still dripping though … all of her … begging for him. To shape the scalding hot water which  divides and drives her baptised sins from inner-within. Piercing his rhythmic form from the inside out again.

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