Tap goes the flimsy piece of cardboard
Until these three lines of sparkling cocaine are aligned fair perfect order
Social walls having closed themselves off in far more ways than just the one
A long time ago
Three inches of all-encompassing white powder sharply dressed from head-to-toe
By a solid millimetre in width
Egos about to split themselves entirely
Three lonely middle-aged men brandishing enough carefree money at hand to pay ten times over if needs be
Their wives non-plussed not to mention none too pleased
Some will say a rather futile and hostile attempt to breathe
All kinds of momentary everything
Loosen the noose if only awhile
Three great big sniffs… and they let themselves sit on back, about to smile a glorious mile wide
Before getting to watch the whole crazy show take itself all of the way centre-stage
About to wage a most beautiful interruption on out of the mind-prison they are forced to call their each and every shoddy life

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