Theirs were the minutes of minutiae calculation / the overstretch of bristling breath.

How many numerical eQuAtIoNs have they EVEN very-nearly stated to start

To fantastiCALLy take apART now(!?) Quite a fair amount of PLUSES AND MINUSES, actually(!)

What she has managed to do AND to HAVE done to archive and

Miraculously Achieve – quick thinking aforeMENTIONED numerical equilibrium is: this, argumentatively sPEAKing..

HIGH-MinDed societal thing of UPPER-WARD and INNER-WARD consciousness.

It HAS NOT and WILL-NOT have been in any which way particularly easy, in-DEED, and all because

To concentrate IS TO CREDIBLY c-a-u-s-e ThemsElvEs(wrought-iron ‘n’ all) to preciously-both-PRECARIOUSLY coincide AND comfortABLY c-o-l-l-i-d-e With this

Effervescent sense/SCENE: of… DEEP BREATHING OF ten-thousand breeched AND rea——-ched breaths now, plEASE(.)