Big but not colossal, no need for it, the larger the target the greater the fall
Small etchings can bring with them a courageous degree of certainty
Monstrosity in its very own way
Reap the benefits one precious step at a time, perfectly disguised strides
Pride second-to-none
Load your loving gun oh so carefully – bullets full of glorious temptation
Sedate them all ’til carried upon your behemoth shoulders
Never, ever let them fall
You can, and will, indeed have it all
No such room for reprobates, call out each and every last one of the traitors
Serve it serendipitously on a plate to those far more dedicated, your faithful admirers
Let yourself become the absolute apple of their eye
Prise open those smiles once more, all you can do is try as you might
Up all night, absolutely worth it in the very end
A necessity to remain steadfastly, devoutly, dependent on both your parts
One man who asked for this right from the start