This particular teller brings many a thing with her, to these downward-spiralled, pedestrianised places

And kneels to bless these pretty little people when, really, she should only ever be turning a colder-than-thou shoulder

And her religiously built boulder tends to penny-drop and scatter-dash miraculously atop ’til it makes to fabricate and creates no such sensational sense again …

See so soon as when the heavily dependent time does arrive, amid paralysed sophomore eyes of both yours and cutthroat mind

Right about now immediately so soon as the other person seems to want to crush a nemesis’s interior design – a hardcore blood-pour from the once restored heart, this deliciously, illegally permitted crime, unto delightfully, destructively deceived
both you and I

This telltale tattler, she buys a penny rattler and wraps it right by their necks
Which will feed her killer-instinct design either slay forth – red rain pours affectionately insane all over again… and these church doors eventually shut themselves, for all of their curtailed worth

Whilst a deciphering river finally breathes free – and everyone is seen as one

Protestants and Catholics smarter than all of that thistle-torn shit, placing twisted coins within needy wicker-baskets, which he wore upon his crucified head way settled when batcrazy tales aided them in making all kinds of non-sensical sense
While misshapen priests touch children and send them shameful insane of their own heavily, heavenly permitted accordance

Again, please

Baptised for a life of derogatory disguise – one paw upon the kid, another on the shrinking-violet prize

Hell hath no fury like a paedophilic priest’s sordidly inescapable demise

Forever thinking inside of the box – dilapidated for now, where our best kept precious, no less blasphemed memories are unforgettably taken away

To be held to rancid ransom

By blackmailing thee

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