1 For the official stranger in me – and we take one in the vicious temple and proceed with our high-octane vision near our high-wired eyes for portraiture
2 All of the king’s men, pretty little gentile queen’s women compressing themselves fair neatly, naturally back together again
3 Till feeling a whole lot more otherworldly superficial, don’t we simply tend to think it – that they have been suitably holding their sophomore breathes for hostile hostage again and, yet… somehow, anyhow, God knows how, really, whichever way forth-forward comes first and pushed gently against the cold shoulder, beneath below
4 The core of our crunched and churned stomaches… which endlessly belch red-ribbons at her princess-featured face and we deliriously lie with eyes abstaining from full sight
5 Shall we begin to act tremendously fickle till it all starts to amount to something especially significant amid all of these early-morning, black-eyed key necessities of ours – so soon as when the piercing pain of the sickle and the pre-heated sun begins
To transform and warm and warn and burn a translucent hole in the shape of our heart-of-hearts
6 Had to start somewhere, didn’t we though… someplace so soon as when these rip-torn houses of chockablock cards have been artificially swiped from the table of dreams
7 And we eventually get ourselves to wishing upon a revitalised dream to finally, fecksome and fiercely step-away… from all of the pedantic paralysis till left ourselves artificially met halfway between
8 The binding of the blinding might
Of the swollen circumference of a most vitalic light
10 Here he will still sit, placed and paved halfway between -modern-day delirium and leaving himself altogether alone
Phone and stoned to imperfect perfection speaks…
10 In whipsmart, stop-start, deliciously audible tongues
11 So soon as a ferociously apt paragraph for the only lonely ones who matter the most has been enthusiastically well-written – if only, if only, they could begin to feel it though… for themselves, forever held breathes and reaching for the wonderful circumference of the surface
11 Again