A craze like no other, drowning the whole wide world one country at a time
Sublime givings on our part, an entirely different kind of internet ‘art’
An eager degree of attention-seeking to set each and every one of us apart
Was only ever to be expected, no-one looking to be neglected
Level-pegging, MND an atrociously good cause
Prise open our jaws, piercing the eyes time again, a dart right through the heart of an age-old stigma
Then there are those unlucky few who will always fall, eyes on the prize, standing tall albeit slipping altogether
One. At. A. Time.
The best kind, enveloped in utter hope
Poor Teresina Bell, not so much of the ball
Fell oh so far, a tricky situation indeed that can only ever add to this rhyme
Shining above and beyond, that Dublin accent bound to find a way in the end
Don’t forget the ones who really count though, no amount of money will ever be enough to dissipate the atrocious pain that runs right through it
But now at least we get to truly see what it is they and theirs may just have to experience, the unmatched waxing and waning
A life comes raining down
For this particular cause it seems we are all too prepared to play the jovial clown