These organically accustomed blonde brogues seem to be the exact sole-bearers all too piercingly necessary to set our girl irrevocably apart
To somehow set a thousand-and-one altogether distant hearts a-flutter once more
All of the way over a once colder-than beer-swilling shoulder
Rather perfectly curtailed instruments which were most certainly meant to get to send her back into battle
Every soul-destroying step at a monumental time
Lace-tied into a pretty asymmetrical bow – over under European-style lacing if you will, the flow on our pretty girl’s face never, ever appearing to be oh so very alarmingly obvious
Painstakingly disarming, in fact
For all of us to see
These blue-emblazoned tights might just manage to dust her seriously cow-webbed memories away for all of an eternity
We can only ever dream
These concrete-hearted buildings ain’t seen nothing yet
An all too enticingly linked pencil skirt – pink in colour – to at least keep the hidden hurt walking on by in a straighter-than line if only for awhile
Brighter than the Hudson River flicker in the summer
Sitting pretty-as-a-picture sublime
No rhyme, no real reason for being
Find the time to dress yourself the best
‘Til setting it all back to oh so courageously flavoursome life again
So you know, that beautiful green tank top which lets itself caress then envelope your petite frame fair perfectly won’t hurt one bit either
Fashioned to breathe like a Manhattan queen
And please, never, ever forget to smile

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